Wonderful world because of women

Life on this planet is sacred and deserves celebration everyday! With the passage of time and evolution of societies many changes occurred and so did the roles of both genders. There were times when men were to go out and women were to stay home and prepare foods, slowly the roles melted and men and women shared responsibilities to become a better and equal society. This change came after centuries and centuries of slow movements. Still in the year 2020 there is a lot for the women to achieve and lead others.

 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day, a day that marks their achievements in social, economical, cultural and political arena. Women today are home makers, news makers, peace makers and deal makers all rolled into societal roles of mothers, teachers, daughters - practically all professions and their domestic roles included.

Though a single day is not enough to laud and praise the efforts of women in our lives, from rocking the cradle to bringing us up as mothers or leading us in professional lives as bosses and mentors and most important being a life partner and a great wife, all these and so many other roles and relationships of women need to be highlighted and thanked for everyday! Therefore if you do not thank them every day, which one should actually do, maybe this International Women’s Day you can express your gratitude and regards for them.

The Emirati background in UAE is one exemplary setup where women enjoy independence and freedom. They are breaking glass ceilings, venturing into business and doing the best in their fields. So if you happen to know anyone here who inspires you, motivates you and makes you take another step forward then honor them with a token of love and order some great gifts for them online right here.

Self care is not self indulgence.

Self care is self respect.

So this 8th March when you plan to honor the women in your life, give them a gift that brings them closest to the core values of equality which is respect for all. The equal world which enables everyone is what we all want. So this year make a promise that you will be a mascot of equality in whatever role you have and while doing that how about you find a gift that helps women around you to feel better and brighter about their life choices! Find the best gifts for her in the form of best self care gift boxes. So if you are looking for gifts for your boss, special treats and giveaways for office employees or business associates then find something that all women need and want as a form of therapy. Gifts that will relax them, pamper them and help them unwind. Our online variety of gift boxes and special beauty gifts are calming, soothing and very much loved by all. So now there is no need to make a long list of to-dos and plan a trip out to shop, rather get every gift done online and get the best gifts with easy delivery in UAE. Our perfect organic care products, makeup gifts and special gift care boxes can be given out individually or in a hamper to the women who have been pivotal in your lives or companies. Showing them that their presence is important is a good way to show your regard for equality. Click here and view all our products that will make great self care gifts for them.

Beautiful storms dressed in women’s clothing.

 A fun day at work can be managed by giving a gift that is less on corporate side and more on fun side. You can gift them great funky tees that not only celebrate their uniqueness, their fun loving nature but also depict the inclusiveness of all genders in the work environment. If you happen to work at such a place where this liberty can be taken, then give these great tees as gifts to all the female force at work. Make this day not only a celebration of their milestones and struggle but also a day that takes diversity beautifully in the system. View complete variety of fashionable gift ideas of UAE right here

After women, flowers are the most divine creations.

If it is a last minute gift for women’s day then the best deal for you is to get gorgeous and fresh dazzling flowers for the ladies. The equation that you may share with the women could be of any order and flowers will keep that equation balanced all the time. So if you are confused in buying a gift or thinking of uniformity for all recipients you can order beautiful flowers online and we will make sure that they are delivered to the recipient blooming in full glory just like the women in our lives who are surpassing our expectations of success and blossoming in their respective fields.

You can also order fresh plants that symbolize growth and success for the recipient. In case it is a mass scale gift for all, we say it will be a great gesture towards the recipients and mark their day with happiness. So without a worry check out all the fresh plants and flowers here and place your order just in time to celebrate this 8th March as a flourishing International Women’s Day celebration.

Women have many moods, Chocolate satisfies them all.                  


Another safe and last minute gift idea for this special celebratory day is chocolate. You can pick cakes, chocolate boxes, customized wrapped ones or vegan chocolate options in UAE- we have all variety of chocolates with or without nuts available for an easy online delivery to the recipient. You get best Swiss milk chocolates that will give your message of respect, equality and admiration clearly to the ones who receive such a sweet gift! Have a look at our unending variety of sweet offerings here that will make a perfect gift for the women this March.

The best accessory a girl can wear is her confidence!

This year you can make a good ritual of giving meaningful Women’s Day gifts and appreciation tokens to the employees, associates or vendors by giving something that celebrates their uniqueness. Acknowledge their diversity and give them a gift that celebrates their femininity in the best way. Light but real silver jewelry, pure leather bags and wallets are perfect for such an occasion. You get the ease of getting the best designer silver jewelry in UAE and Dubai with just a click and our gift variety of hand crafted leather is second to none. So have a look here and find unique jewelry and leather items that are premium and boast of your tasteful choices.


This year make a difference, show your love and support for the fairer sex. Send your gratitude, respect and love to your mother, wife, sister or a colleague at work. As an organization let the women of your team be assured that their hard work and dedication is celebrated with equality and noticed by all. The fierce females who run the world need this assurance everyday that we are with them, but if not everyday then this International Women’s Day show it with gifts and flowers for them so they work harder and smarter for the betterment of this society.