United we stand with love and prosperity

A wise man once said “United we stand, divided we fall” this was said somewhere in the 17th century but it will hold true till the end of times. No man, clan, tribe or country has progressed without unity. Our own homeland UAE is a living example of this. A proof that with dedication, positive intentions and tolerance one can change their narrative and bring a hopeful change of situation for everyone.

In the past 48 years UAE has been moving forth and above, all because of the patriotic people of this country. This spirit of patriotism brings people closer, makes the bond of its residents stronger and inherently instills fortitude and strength in each resident of that country. Look again; the same has happened in UAE. We as a nation are closer to all multiethnic expatriates residing, they become a part of the environment and we embrace their festivities and occasions with equal zeal. The best part is that we all around 200 nationalities put aside our differences and come out together on this important National Day of UAE.

Since years this is the most festive of all occasions, when the whole country and all Emirates are bright and festive, and everyone is in a mood to rejoice and celebrate the collective and individual success of living in a progressive and just country. The Emirati population and the expatriates all pledge their love to the country for giving them everything.

Such a festive occasion also brings the best opportunity to make relationships even better. Like any celebratory occasion when people meet their loved ones and sit together, our National Day is no exception rather it is much bigger for all. So, how about you highlight the fact to your loved ones that their presence is a gift for you and thus you are giving some form of love back by getting something for them. It is the best time to make one’s team and employees happy, fuel the corporate relations with your vendors and associates with some token of love and remember your neighbors; send some token of love to your neighbors and express how the unity with them makes you happy.

Since we want our country to live longest how about ordering a perfect gift that is synonymous with forever! Yes the perfect Infinity rose that will stay beautiful for at least three years and perched on the table of a business officer or partner this one will remind them of your thoughtfulness for them in a festive time. Not only it builds and powers your relations but also brings people closer than before. We truly recommend these as they come in UAE flag colors and truly signify the love for our country. These infinity roses come in two sizes so click here to find out which one is perfect for you! We have many more curated flowers that are set in UAE Flag colors and they make perfect items for decoration and gifting purposes.

The art of gifting is understood well when we realize that people want to feel pampered and cared for!  But the essential characteristic of having sentiments is that one shows them too, without reflecting feelings the point of care is quite indistinct. This is important, so show the care to your family at work, those who keep the work going as your partners, vendors the ones who keep the chain moving and send them your regards and affection in the form of sweetest cakes. Have a look at our variety of cakes here and decide which one you’d want to send out. If there is a party, then no party is complete without a delicious cake so in that case, you pretty much need a great National Day cake and for that we have an ample variety in sizes and flavors as well as budgets. Whatever your demand of sweet delicious cake is we got one for you here this National Day.

For last minute realizations of missing out on gift options or having nothing to take to a party, we just got your back happily. Our special National Day chocolates are in huge variety that make perfect gift options for everyone check them out here. A small child at home who needs to learn the values of country love, or office employees to enjoy this happy week, your neighbors in the building or customers at the shop – any person who is in UAE has a reason to celebrate with sweetest and yummiest chocolates. So whoever is on your gift list deserves a bite of love and sweetness just like what UAE offers to everyone.

The point of showing love with gifts is because these gifts make pleasant moments for people, just like the country UAE has given us innumerable moments of happiness we need to create more such moments with our friends, people and our country. By celebrating these moments now, one day a look back at a picture we’d mention how on a certain National Day we all got together to celebrate and how much change or progress the country has made from then till now. This is why creating memories with loved by exchanging gifts is important it marks our important occasions with love and so we continue to grow fonder and love our roots more!

May we always cherish our roots and pray for our country’s prosperity and growth.

Long live UAE!