Traditional Holidays are fun!

The year is drawing to an end and here we stand with the whole year log of memories, people and stories that we created. The part that is different for all is that maybe for a few the year was quite happy and fulfilling while many others wanted a lot more and could not achieve it. But this should not bog one down, instead of mourning the loss of not finishing the tasks, one should stop. Like all seasons, the winter or so to speak the relatively pleasant chill of UAE is a perfect excuse to pause and think whatever has happened and how to make everything better than before. The beauty of human life is that we survive together; we live in a society with people who slowly become a part of our stories. Neighbors, domestic helpers, teachers colleagues and friends they all slowly seep into our lives and in no time we have them becoming  a part of our highs and lows. They support us and cheer for us. So when you believe that this closing of the year is coming near, how about you do show your love to all those who have been with you in your journey of 2019. You could show some love and care to them and express that the festivity is just not complete till you show your care for them, basically the truest essence of having someone on your mind. This year you make the best by sending out best Christmas and holiday gifts to friends, colleagues, boss and family. We have them all.


Festivity at work

We all have people working with us, as our colleagues, supervisors, subordinates or even business vendors. All of them combined together form a culture and environment of the work place. So gifting them in this time of holiday and festivity is perfect. Maybe some of them are heading home to their native lands and your gesture of kindness will make their journey happier and sweeter. This season is perfect to buy holiday gifts for bosses and colleagues while following your budget and closing the year end with happy memories. We have perfect Christmas gifts for him and for her that fit the budget as well as the recipient’s profile well! So you can get luxurious cakes, chocolates or great handcrafted wooden office accessories for your bosses and great boxes of chocolates for your colleagues. A special colleague deserves extra from you, so how about you get them some great piece of jewelry, a box to keep goodies at work or a wallet and make up for the missed birthday gift previously. Let us not forget that Secret Santa gifts are quite common around! So how about you get the best Secret Santa gifts as well for your colleagues.

We say you make up for all the missed gifts and events this holiday season, a happy boss with his holiday gift or a great Chrtismas corporate gift for your vendor in the holiday season will all do great to foster the relationship and make it grow further. Click here to view massive variety of gifts for all those people who make work more fun!


Do not forget to get the perfect Christmas tree to add the right festive feeling to the house or office. We got that as well for you, so that when you have all the lights and ornaments around you can decorate it more beautifully! Click here and you can get everything that adds light and warmth to this holiday season!

Remembering your neighbors

This is the perfect time to clean up your list of neighbors and re connect with them. We know life is super fast and we all are all about our own priorities. But these holidays are the perfect reasons to stop and reconnect with those who are a part of our society and our daily lives coincide with their presence. Send the holiday gifts and festive sweets for holidays and Christmas to make them happier and feel connected with you. You can send Christmas chocolate boxes, customized chocolates with your names to those who know you and need to know that you care even if you don’t drop by in their houses frequently. Yet such gestures make hearts fonder and closer so go ahead and click here to view perfect holiday gifts for neighbors that are delicious, tantalizing and heartwarming all at the same time!

Teachers for life

 We believe that someone out has been a teacher for us. So maybe if your kid loves their teacher, or you have adulation for the mentor at work, this maybe the best time to connect with them. So if you already know that they will have plenty of conventional holiday gifts how about give them something that leaves them warm and happy with the gesture. Our varieties of gift boxes are perfect for everyone. Some may love the soothing teas others will love the fragrant candles or lotions but for each one out there we got a gift box that screams to them that you are thinking and thanking them for their presence in your life! Make holidays the right time to express your love for those who matter and say it openly! Click here to view all options that you may want to view before zeroing in on one perfect gift box.

If this holiday season you are away from your special loved ones, spouses or parents then it will be lonely times for them so why not surprise them with your love! Send them your sentiments in the form of most gorgeous flowers, gift boxes to let them know that you are thinking about them and missing them equally. Your parents, spouse and special ones have that place in your heart that you must get a holiday gift for them and show your love. Click here to find out what wonderful gifts we have for your well wishing group of people.

This holiday season make the festivity extra for those who are around you. Dig for holiday gifts for bosses, employees, neighbors and friends, get to know them better over a small visit and talk about your memories with them. If you happen to be the laid back one, who wants to stay on the couch and laze around how about you order some great cool t shirts that will make up for not getting Christmas clothes but some really funny and quirky t shirts and hoodies that will make the chilly season more humorous. You can order these in bulk for all of your friends so that you wear them together for that great movie plan and look greatly coordinated in all pictures. These will be a great Christmas gift idea for gifting all employees at work as well!

Close this year the traditional way, away from wishes on screen to wishes with real sentiments in the form of gifts. Use the technology to penetrate in their hearts and show that be it any era the beauty of festive season will transcend all.

 Happy holidays to all!