New me & New goals

This piece is penned down, when we are four days short of the New Year 2020! In our experience we always say that making gigantic claims about life changes, priorities shift and change of thoughts is not a one day process, rather it is a gradual organic shift from one point to another, from one set of thoughts to another.

In assisting you to be a better and newer version of yourself we have a few important pointers; you may call it a 30 day checklist that we want you to practice in the year 2020. The global and cultural hotpot that UAE is, the challenges of living in such a multi cultural society are immense! The global economic slowdown has been another factor in making people become less chirpy and happy about everything. So here is the thought that we all need to take seriously when thinking about New Year Resolutions. What we all need to do is to believe in happiness as a currency that can buy the satisfaction and peace for life.

So here are our pointers of 30 day wellbeing checklist that we want you to follow and practice in the New Year!

  1. Start the day with a smile.
  2. Practice empathy.
  3. Exercise at least thrice a week.
  4. Balance your diet.
  5. Find one thing each night to thank the universe for giving it to you.
  6. Sleep for your sanity.
  7. Call an old buddy at least in a week.
  8. Fake your confidence till you get there!
  9. Screen detox once a week.
  10. Apologize first, whenever wrong.
  11. Read a book.
  12. Eat out alone.
  13. Host friends at home.
  14. Learn anything new, a new Excel formula or a new way to fold clothes – anything.
  15. Befriend someone who is older than you, so you can learn from their experience.
  16. Befriend someone who is younger than you, so you get their verve too.
  17. Feed birds and animals.
  18. Sleep under the sky to be closer to nature.
  19. Listen to some music.
  20. Reorganize your room.
  21. Stop the comparison from cars to food on the restaurant, just stop.
  22. Call your family more than before.
  23. Stop gossip ( the universe is hearing you)
  24. Dress up for yourself.
  25. Get rid of toxic people.
  26. Say no, when you have to.
  27. If something is not worn for a year, donate it.
  28. Set boundaries, for time, jokes or touch learn to make boundaries.
  29. Teach something to others a skill or a valuable advice.
  30. Declutter your work space.

If you can even practice only ten of the above pointers for the new month, trust us you are in for a good start of the year. We totally believe that powerful lives happen with powerful connections! Not the connections built on your net worth or financial standing but those that you make with people based on emotions. So while you have been chasing your goals this year and the preceding years, we think that you shift gears and redo your connection with yourself and your loved ones. Make sure that New Year corporate gifts are not the only ones taking the limelight let your own connections get a shout from you on seeing another year together!

Happy inside & happy outside

The key to happiness lies on your own hands. Nobody from another planet will land and hand you the formula to your happiness so what can you do? All you can do is garner positive thoughts get a plant and water it you get the happiness of nourishing someone. Get the perfect plants by clicking here and choose from a vast collection. Order nourishing food for yourself and help your body get better with organic and raw products meant for a healthier body and soul. Click here to view our great variety of products that are cleansing and strengthening for your body and perfect New Year gift ideas for your loved ones.

Add the touch of fragrance to your rooms, because you need to pamper yourself first to then transfer that magic of happiness to others!  Adorn the space with candles and flowers so that whenever you walk in the room, you feel the best and on top of the world. Click here to view our fresh flowers and have a look at our candles and gift sets here so that you may decide how to pamper yourself and shower love. Make New Year gift sets a thing for you as well, as there is no compulsion that New Year gifts are not for your own self. 

They are the reason, they need to know

This is the perfect time to iron out anything that was not made better in the year that is ending. Buy the best New Year gifts for friends, colleagues, business partners and vendors as well as loved ones so they know that they are an important and integral part of your life.

 We suggest that this is the best time to let go of negativity and culminate bitterness. Make the most of your efforts to bring a smile to an employee, make working relationship better with vendors by sending a great New Year gift to them and calling up an old friend in the pretext of coffee and giving a thoughtful present to them! We say get a bright blooming bunch for your colleagues, a great delicious chocolate box for your team at work or something that your boss may love for his own use, We got ideas for all those who matter to you! Send lovely chocolate assortments as New Year gifts for clients, vendors and business associates and remind them that calendars may change but sweet relationships will always be cherished and placed on priority. Click here to have a look at options for your contacts who are dear to you and you want to strengthen the bond with them.

Eccentric ones are special

We all have friends and colleagues in our list who are just plain quirky and funny! They may have different likings. Probably their idea of a perfect gift is something that adds life and eccentricity to their surroundings. A crazy light or a super cool figurine, maybe even a pretty cool suit is what they’d cherish and want to don this New year’s party! So why wait why not order it for those who mean the world to you but their unconventional choices are always boggling your mind. In that case we have something that you’d love for them. Click here for all the quirky gifts that they’d love!

The better half!

Relationships are always a work in progress. One is never done with the relationship building and management. This new year break the norm of not acknowledging your significant one and doing it only on birthdays and anniversaries. Rather start the tradition of New Year gift for your spouse. Let them know that you care so that next year they also reciprocate the same way, we don’t say go big just go unique. Do something that will surprise them, a flower, a cake or something big that binds you both together. A matching set of great watches so that you pamper yourself and the spouse both as well as enter the New Year respecting and loving each other more! Click here to view this lavish gift set! You can also send this to your parents and let them know that their presence in each New Year means the world to you!

As the sun sets for another year, sit down and look back at the decade! Write down you achievements , list down your goals and never to forget jot down the people who matter to you in this moment make sure you retain them forever and let them know how they are in your thoughts of love and care!

Bonjour 2020!