Mom- You mean the world to me

Mother’s are irreplaceable. The relationship with them is the most endearing one that begins from the womb and continues to grow stronger and sweeter till the end. Our firsts of life happen with them, be it our first step, first word or first swimming class. The first teacher of life, the one bestowing the gift of life is a mother. So there is no way that we do not acknowledge the one who has helped in being who we are. Some of us are so lucky that other than a biological mother we have mother like figures in our lives. We have aunts, grandmothers or teachers too who have been a mother figure to us and taught us plentiful.

Our first love is her, the way she dresses; the way she looks is what we always idolize as a daughter. As a son we always look for her qualities in our companions and somewhere in the early years of our lives she is the most beautiful woman who is totally ours. So for such a woman who has been the love of your life all along, choosing a present is a tough deal. For you picking a mother’s day present is tough because you only want to give her the best, because she deserves that only and not to forget she gave you that very best throughout!

So this time when you think of gifts to get for your mothers on this mother’s day find things that she needs and gifts that create lifetime memories for the sender and recipient. This is a perfect occasion to give gifts to your wives as well as best friends who are expecting and will be first time mommies! Look no further as we have plethora of options right below to help you out to pick best Mother’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day chocolates and flowers, jewelry, leather or purposeful gift for your mother. Have a good read and look at our options and suggestions and from the ease, safety and convenience of your homes order these gifts online. Get them delivered as a surprise present on that very day or let us deliver at your doorsteps anywhere in UAE  and then you drive to them with splendid gifts and confections to celebrate the happy Saturday of Mothers Day with them.

Flowers for Mother’s Day

With us you will find the freshest flowers for mother’s day gift ideas with plenty of options and a simple online delivery for them. So be it liveliest roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas or mixed bouquets we deliver in Dubai and UAE for your mothers, mothers in law, grandmothers or the mother to be. So choose flowers to express your love, appreciation, gratitude and affection for your mothers.

So get going and find the best flowers for mother’s right here and without a doubt we deliver the freshest blooms for the lady who rules your heart since the day you were born!

Confection comforts

If you are away from your mommy dearest or unable to visit her on the weekend of Mother’s Day, then add perfect Mother’s Day chocolates or cakes as token of comfort for them. Nothing ever will be able to replace the joy of your presence, your head in their laps and the little joys of being with each other. But something that can link you with them is the urge and craving of being with them shown with something sweet that makes their moments happier. Filled with emotions and made with love, our chocolates and cakes are delivered fresh and expertly baked to make their experience as best as they made it for you in your childhood. Their muffin baking or buying chocolates for you was a ritual of your upbringing so renew the nostalgia and send them gifts that hold a sentimental value for both of you. Have a look at our delicious baked cakes for Mother’s Day here and book online now so there is no last minute gift rush for Mother’s Day!

If in a mood to add more sweetness and Belgian richness to pamper your mothers in law on this Mother’s Day or to the friend who is expecting to be a new mommy and craves chocolates, how about you spoil them with love and chocolate coma by ordering these decadent and indulgent chocolate boxes right here and let them squeal with joy for your thoughtfulness. Also, we know these are tempting and mouthwatering so you can order a box online for yourself too, because hey what’s not cool to celebrate motherhood as their child!

Artsy accessories

Mother’s add colors and beauty to the world, from the times they have dressed us up till now when they buy the season’s best for us as presents! So when it comes to a special day for them that pays a tribute and shows love for them, you should find Mother’s Day presents that beautify her, though all mothers are beautiful and nature’s best. Yet, as a little gesture of love find gifts for mother’s that add that sparkle and color to them that over the years have toned down in managing all the things so perfectly. So instead of venturing out, head here to find the best jewelry, clothing and accessories all up online for a safe and perfect delivery of gifts to your mothers!

Have a look here at real silver jewelry studded with semi precious stones to suit and enhance their energies! They’d love your thoughtfulness and love behind finding an elegant, long lasting and thoughtful present that each time worn will remind them of your warmth.

Women and bags have a life long relationship of not having enough. So make your mums ditch the faux leather and ordinary bags and invest in a pure camel leather bag that she will always cherish and flaunt with style to make her friends envious. We all know mother’s love their presents from kids the most when they show it off with love and pride to everyone. You can order them here.


Bring the beauty

We all know that mothers are our first beauty icons, but with age we see them wrinkling, growing older and getting grays! But age is just a number and motherhood is the same for all. Your kid could be six or sixty, the sentiment will be same. So this Mother’s Day vow that you will give a gift box to your mother that reminds her to beautify herself and pamper herself so that you are assured about her well being. In this era we all want well being of our loved ones, and the best way to show this concern is time and again gifting them with our sentiments that remind them to take care of their well being physically and mentally! Click here to see our great gift boxes for their beautiful souls!

Lady of the house

Throughout we have seen mother’s decorating their houses and making the living spaces beautiful for their family and kids! So nothing will stop them now. Make them the happiest by ordering gifts for their homes. Anything that adds utility and beauty to their homes and kitchen is a sure shot safe bet as the best Mother’s Day present. If you are buying a gift for a mentor or a mother like figure and not sure of their choices then find something for their homes right here and order online and we can vouch for it that they will love it!


We all know that

 The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world!

So Mother’s Day gifts will never triumph over the greatness of the mothers efforts put in raising their children. But a small token of love, a gesture of warmth and an affirmation of saying that we know you care will make that old heart puff up with happiness and satisfaction that their children realize their efforts. Motherhood is not a sacrifice it is a job and like any job she deserves an appreciation from her loved ones!

Love to all the mothers and mother like figures of this world!