Merry season it is

The festivity in life should never stop! Every day of this life should be happy and celebrating something that is worth our gratitude and our positive outlook for life! Here in UAE which as a country is an epitome of tolerance and understanding of different practices, we have something going around every month. A festival or a celebration that keeps everyone in their happy zones! The festive season coincides with the end of year timing when the whole country has just celebrated their National Day with full zeal and then they step into the holiday mode with the new festivity stemming around. So shopping holiday gifts is always a happy and energetic exercise for everyone here. Emiratis and expatriates alike they all find this happy time of fun and frolic perfect for outing. The high Celsius temperatures plummet and more people let their guards down hitting the beaches and having a great party with close friends and family.

The schools are about to end and many friends want to enjoy massive discounts up and around the country. So how about you also make the most of this festive time and show your love and care to those who matter to you! The fact that the year is ending it is a perfect moment to seal those relations that are dear to you be it in personal life or professional, either cases they matter to you and their presence is vital for your happiness and well being.

Gifting and expressing is always the ‘in’ thing so we recommend you a couple of gifts that will make this December a happy and festive one for all. The cooler temperature gives a perfect reason to add bright and fragrant flowers in life. Add these to your homes while celebrating get together party or a simple dinner with friends. If heading out to see someone special why not be old school and carry fresh bunches of flowers that are a sight of true beauty and perfect accessory while walking down the path of beach or just as a way to express care and affection. Our freshest blooms are perfect to be sent out this season of anniversaries, birthdays, New Year parties, office parties and bachelorette parties too. Click here to view the burst of spring which is apt for this lovely December. We have special Christmas themed flowers as well to make your present of floral bunch look prettiest of all!

With constant year end pressure at work and homework being piled up how about you give in some sweet treats to yourself and your loved ones! We say work hard, part harder and eat the hardest! So choose yummy chocolates from our super vast variety of chocolates that are festive and with the holiday spirit going for perfect gift exchanges with loved ones too.

In case you have an office party planned, how about your Secret Santa games are also sorted with our great chocolates that make perfect holiday gifts for employees and friends at work! Believe in the power of chocolate to make all parties more fun, happier and festive, so don’t look further and check out the great festive boxes of chocolates for the party you are heading to or the person whose secret Santa you are going to be , in ball cases you can simply get amazing ones from here


As this is the end of the month, do not forget to send the sweet gestures to your friends, business associates, partners, vendors and employees. So all those with whom you deal on a professional level at work yet their existence in your life brings happiness with day to day dealings and milestones being achieved they all deserve some token of love and appreciation from you. A happy team is always a true benchmark of success so make sure to make the work team happy. Check out our customized options of chocolates with your company logo on the wrappers as well as suitable trays and packs of chocolates here that you can send to those who should know that at year end you are thinking of them and sending your affection and warmth for the holiday season and get the perfect new year gift ideas here from us.

The children love this holiday season, when malls are lit, beaches are full and people are moving up and about the whole country, so why not reward them with their favorite festive cartoon character toys as well! The schools will be off soon and then boredom will kick in so why not gift them and show your care and love on days when they want more of you while you are at work! Maybe these will convey your truest sentiments of love for them. Have a look at the cutest toys for kids that they’d surely love to play this holiday season and recreate favorite moments from the cartoon movies in their playrooms. Have a look at our variety of toys here we bet you’d not stop and buy five or six for your own collection too!

Around the holiday time, we all end up looking for home and kitchen accessories because we will be entertaining guests over, so why not invest in things that add a touch of eccentric, cool and our very useful for our homes. A Game of Thrones inspired Cheese board due to its medieval touch for the casual get together at home to enjoy great cheese and olives or some lovely home accessories that speak about your taste! This festive season invest some love and time in your nests or take these perfect pieces as gifts to houses where your visit is long overdue. But don’t go empty handed have a look here for gifts that are thoughtful, useful and also beautiful for adding charm to any home! Click here to view the variety that is truly amazing for all houses.


When you are hosting a party for friends or for office members how about, for the spirit of festivity and inclusiveness you add the most important feature to your home/ office lobby and make the December more exciting for all. A perfect Christmas tree that you can ask friends to decorate and have additional fun everyday while taking a lunch break and having some group decoration going on! A perfect piece that you can add to make your houses look festive or to office space to make this month more fun and a true example of tolerance and brotherhood in the country. Do not look further order this 6 foot tall tree here and get its decoration started now.

The holiday season gifting or the New Year gifts, all these are just ways to make bridges to your loved ones hearts! We believe that expression is important to keep the people in your minds alert and aware that you think about them and care for their presence. They say actions speak louder than words, so we say instead of just saying act and show your love with these gifts. Tell your employees how this year their hard work was noticed, speak to your associate and convey your warmth for his unending hard work and to your colleagues, friends, siblings and family take time out to show that even your absence in their lives has been a patch that you wish to always fix with love, care and expression. Take time out to inspect your choices and people in life and show your warmth this festive season so that when you end the year it is truly on a happy and festive note while sky is lit with fireworks you and your loved ones feel warm and loved with the fact that they are cared for!