Jewellery looks decoded

Jewellery has been an inherent part of expressing oneself since times immemorial, the classes and the masses both have chosen their type of jewellery to wear for their events! Now with the world being a global hotpot no trend is distinctive with one region or ethnicity, we all have embraced what we like and want to wear. However, there are certain tips and guidelines as to what is to worn and where so that one is never overdressed or plainly under dressed for the occasion.


School run looks

School is on so how about we make a pact that we will not present our disheveled self ever to the school. The catch for this situation is that one wants to be effortless yet but a basic well put look. No matter what others say if we look good we also feel good. So, for your crazy school runs in the heat of the region we recommend easy and fuss free jewellery.

A simple gem free gold ring that is unique and eye catching like Horizontal bar ring for all others to have a look at the cool mommy, your simple outfit will be enhanced by this fuss free and ‘I am a simple cool mama’ kind of vibe from the ring which is quite chic and not very attention seeking with shining gems.

We got another slightly sparkling suggestion for someone who wants to up their game a bit but not very shiny. Pick a simple chain with a vertical bar and small sparkling zircons encrusted in it. It gives a perfect illusion of diamond jewellery due to the luster of zircons and the silver polish on sterling silver, wear it everywhere and all the time as a 24/7 piece of signature jewellery for you, check it out here


Woman at work

The office and work looks are required to be more clean, precise and not distracting. Pearls, diamonds and less obvious jewellery that is graceful and low key glamour stuff is the perfect way to the work environment.

The new era has opened up variety of jobs in quite creative fields such as social media, showbiz and all where one can be the bohemian soul they would like to be and take liberty in wearing more shiny jewellery, yet any kind of distraction from noisy bangles or flashing stones is in the end not much appreciated.

We keep both liberal and conservative offices such as banks in mind while recommending the pieces. Generally small earrings/ studs, a simple no jingling bracelet, ring, watch and a very subtle chain is acceptable at work. Nose rings arm bands somehow can be kept at bay if possible.

Let your work speak for you and not the jewellery hence a fuss free and simple open ended cuff bracelet with a super pale stone and a light touch of Zircons will make a good accessory for office, it shows your attention to detail yet your seriousness towards the work. Please keep in mind that any item of jewellery that makes noise, against the table while using computer or distracting in a presentation is a no-no. Check out our simple cuff that has the right appeal for the office with gems and still not a loud number for others to be disturbed with it. 

Our hands also are under scrutiny while we are presenting or communicating, hence a good item on the fingers will tell the meticulous nature of the person, again we believe that you can save your extra shiny gold jewellery with chunky designs for other events, however a stylish band like this is the most perfect ring for the whole hand, with small zircons studded in a gold/silver/rose plated double band the look will be dignified and classy without the extra bling that should be avoided.


Lunch with friends

A weekend getaway or a staycation whatever the case maybe if you are meeting friends for lunch, it is great to be free of stress and happily dressed, because happy girls are indeed the prettiest. You can wear whatever suits the ambiance of the place and looks great on you!

The soaring heat is made bearable with the splash of white, and so we recommend our must have! An ear embellishment for you the double sided earring.

It is a design which is in vogue and has a very urban and contemporary feel to it. You could be wearing a crisp white button down shirt or a long maxi, whatever your attire this pair of earrings will be the best accessory to highlight and compliment your personality.

When out with friends in a chill out zone we will recommend you to wear a little bit of shine and sparkle that you keep safe in your jewellery boxes with fear of being not situation friendly.

The very Indian looking jewellery maybe a welcome break to you by incorporating the eastern look in your jewellery you can create your own fusion look on a low cut top or a nice tunic, this ( stone free choker style neckpiece is perfect piece to draw the attention to a single accessory and let people go weak in their knees with the beautiful craftsmanship of the neckpiece. It is called a statement piece because instead of many small items this single item is easily able to draw the attention.


Party people with friends

There are times when we all plan for one meticulous party, the drinks, the Hors d'oeuvre cake or some other major dessert because something is being celebrated, this is the event where you stack up your cool jewellery you mix and match and or go totally opposite in terms of color and metal and just be yourself, because you don’t care about gold, diamonds or pearls all you want to do is express yourself and have fun! For such fun thirsty people we have plenty of jewellery that they love to wear and have fun!


You can try the spiral hoops that look simple but are perfect to make a statement of fun and amusement with their unique design and beautiful finishes of golden, silver and rose plating.

For beautiful necklaces and pendants we have an insane number of pieces that you can wear and flaunt to your friends, to find any piece that suits your liking, dressing and event - the large variety means that there is something for everyone!

We have a great ring picked for the party person the super awesome cocktail ring that is guaranteed to make the diamonds pale out because of its sheer brilliant style and unique color, click here to see its splendor a gorgeous big flower with bedazzling purple stones, in a very Moghul design this ring is a perfect statement piece that will make everyone stop and look again at this handcrafted beautiful piece.


There are people who believe that keeping simple is great, while others who believe in the more the merrier we believe in both but only depending upon the place and occasion of the event, if the wearer knows what is okay to wear then we should all let them be and let them enjoy their jewellery looks that they create according to their liking! So now you just have to find great jewellery with Alabalii for yourself or your loved one because we have a variety of jewellery that goes with all occasions and all friends!