I love you once , I love you twice – Marital bliss

Life is a long journey if chosen to spend alone, but it becomes a crazy fun ride with a correct partner. For all those who are married, or plan to get hitched soon should know that marriage is a serious business. Just like any other business it needs a startup capital of love, a constant stream of assets such as care and love and some amount of investment big or small in the form of expression of love to each other, this proves instrumental in the relationship and keeps the business going. This is why we always see couples exchanging gifts showering love on each other as it strengthens the bond.

The first month is already ending so how about you take things seriously for yourself; get your act together to prioritize things for your loved ones making every normal day special with small gestures. This is a day known as Spouse Day to just celebrate one another as a couple. It is celebrated on 26th January primarily in US with the thought of husband and wife taking special time out to be with each other.  This year, it will fall on a Sunday so how about you make the first working day which is normally dreaded by everyone – A day to remember. We say buy something for them, surprise them or order it to their workplace. Let them be surprised as to how something is landing before Valentine’s Day on their desk and looks romantic. Let them revel in happiness of knowing that you love them dearly.

Keep it simple, very easy for yourself and just order something thoughtful online for your wife or husband.  A personalized gift for your husband, or even a present for your wife for anniversary that you missed and have always been taunted for it or just a romantic gift for your spouse  - whatever maybe the reason you can order that online now and make up for any lost day by showing it to them that you care. Just find something of their interest such as silver jewelry gift pieces, or handcrafted leather goods if nothing stirs you up then a glorious bunch of flowers with your message will do the trick! You just have to find fresh flowers online complement them with some yummy chocolates and order away for your loved one, who said about going extremely lavish or out of the budget this working day rather make the best of it by just finding something thoughtful and beautiful online, just like your relationship and order away as a surprise for your husband or your wife while you are not with them. Let them cherish the love.

Fabulous flowers

It may sound cliché and very much done, but the fact is that flowers signify love in the best way. So just sit up and find the most eye soothing and heart touching bunch of fresh flowers such as bright roses, lavish tulips or extravagant orchids or mixed bouquets online basically whatever is your mood and your significant other’s liking. Just order them here with a lovely message from you and see the magic and the power of flowers.

Special sweet love

No anniversary, birthday or celebration is complete without a hint of confection, chocolate or sweets. So making up for such romantic moments for your husband or wife do not forget to add the classic box of chocolates or customized confections such as cakes or even for a health conscious wife you can get the perfect gluten free chocolate goodie and cakes that will even staple the fact that you remember their health mantras. Remember it is the thought that matters, so if you know you need to surprise your spouse by showing care add this to your list and let them dissolve in the happiness of sweet love that you bring to them every day in the life be it a good happy day or a slightly off day. When you sign up for marriage you have all kinds of days but only sweet memories with the significant other makes the lows of life bearable and you swim through it like nothing has happened. So check them all out here and order online the ones you secretly would eat faster than your spouse so you get to be the smarter one who gifts and then gets to eat as well. Our elaborate variety of chocolates and gluten free variety is going to make you order more than just one product.

Spoil with care

Show and express that you see the hard work and efforts of your spouse, day in and day out of this relationship. Slowly and gradually a few couples let go off themselves in the grind of life with extra work as parents, career makers or business leaders. The ones who do not stop to relax and regain their sense of peace and Zen, you can let them realize their self worth by gifting them something which will give them some peace. Such well thought and full of love gifts for your wife and husband will not only polish the relationship but also make them a calmer and better partner in the whole scheme. Self care or ‘me time’ as we say these days is not a selfish concept rather it makes the person more peaceful and complete, which in turn gives the relationship more value as both the husband and wife are the best versions of themselves to carry on this beautiful relationship. A relaxing gift basket of beauty and care products, some genuine cool tools or toys for the collection of husbands or lovely gift set for the significant other to actually make it a memorable moment of love and togetherness will be great on this day. Click here to find products for both husbands and wives and their varied tastes, from eccentric to classy, gadgets or jewelry we got it all as a perfect gift for your loved one.

So if you forgot to find the best gift for wife on her birthday or the cool anniversary present for husband then do make note of this day to make up for the lost chance, this one will help you score the point and you can tell your better half

 I love you once

I love you twice

I love you more than

Beans and rice!

A short poem but the most heartfelt one which shows that more than the food it is our significant other who matters to you. So just don’t think further order something fun, thoughtful or extremely beautiful online and get it delivered as a perfect surprise for your spouse with whom your life becomes happier and serene.