Heritage of love- National Day UAE

There is nothing wrong in saying that we all have the strongest love for our identity! This identity is an important factor why we love our parents intensely, our siblings and all, because they are a foundation of our character and identity. Similarly another essential part of identity is the place where we live, grow up and call home, our country. The milieu where a person does his work or gets to go to school or walk in the area all that happens to be where he lives that is also an identity. Our beloved country UAE has given this identity to more than 200 nationalities who call this country their home!

Since 48 years the Emirate states have blossomed into a place called home for so many people all over the globe. The Emirates and expatriates all live together, celebrate each other’s festivals and customs and most importantly work together to make their lives better which ultimately makes this country better! The pattern is that when you get some love from anyone, you give back to them – the same love. Similarly, UAE has given plenty of love, sense of self, fulfillment and a better lifestyle to so many individuals, families and their families in their native homes that they all love this country back with double the emotion! The fact that is astonishing for all is that UAE is turning 48 this year, a pretty young side of the scale. It will be roughly five decades that this country that had separate states pretty much barren are now united, growing and prospering and have become the best spot in the world to literally have a good time.

The tourism, luxury, the cuisines and night life here has attracted so many people because the country worked hard to attract everyone to come and see what wonders can be created if only hard work and real persistence is the key to get ahead in life. Today whatever this country has been it is all a great deal of toiling and hard work from the esteemed leadership from all heads of emirates who joined hands, took an influential decision to work together and make this land a real place of opportunities and dream come true stories.

The people here love the fervor and zeal related to this big day! Rightly so it is one joyous and happy occasion for all to celebrate and be happy. They like any other part of the world decorate their buildings, offices; wear National flag colors make all buildings look pretty inside out. The shopping malls and other public places are well decorated and well lit to make it feel like another Eid altogether for its residents!

So it is just a few days left for the big day around here, how about you check whatever you need for this big National Day! You may be staying home or stepping out for a mini getaway or walking down the road to see the awesome fireworks! In all cases your home will be UAE, the place where your heart beats gets all the love and a lot more for a happier life. So do your National Day gift shopping for a memorable big celebration.

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This is the day when you look back, have a thorough look at what this country means to you as an expatriate, as a student or as an Emirate – whatever your role and age is the only thing that is important will be the honesty to this country. The positivity and empathy towards any person who reaches out to you so you become a great ambassador of this country for anyone because UAE has a heritage of love and welcoming everyone to make their days better and glorious.