Guests bring love and gifts

Hosting friends and having them over for a great night is always a great idea in any part of the world! Dubai and other cities of UAE are pretty much one of the huge cosmopolitan cities of the world; here life is super fast and major fun. People work hard on weekdays to make their weekends livelier, playful and fun with friends and family. So if you end up being invited to make one of these weekends fun night with a friend or an acquaintance at their place, do go and have a blast but do remember to take something as gesture to show gratitude to the person calling you over.

In the era of instant online delivery and everything digital, we have started to take the input of others as menial and unimportant as we think it is all easy breezy for others to arrange, as we forget that the person inviting you does pore over certain details such as space, cleanliness, food and refreshments and so for their attention a small token of appreciation to value their efforts is never going to be outdated. Be it a simple get together, a game night, dinner or a house warming celebration do take a present. It could be a cake, flowers, some snacks or home décor items as housewarming gift, anything that will be practical, thoughtful and sentimental for you and the host. 

So this month and onwards when you get invited over somewhere, do think again that instead of going empty handed you can order gifts online a day or two before the party, now you find great home décor gifts as well housewarming presents online which you get easily in a day, so without stepping out for a trip to the mall you can get a perfect gift for the party.

Home is where the heart is

The best and memorable gift could easily be something that stays in their homes. One can think of buying great wall art, home decorative items that add beauty and color to their homes. Basically, anything that covers space and reminds them time and again about who gave them the certain gift. One can choose from quirky lamps to wall art or something that adds color and light to their homes. Have a look here at eccentric gift items for the homes and decide what you want to take, choose one or many of them and take a big basket to their house.

In case the person whom you intend to gift has a liking for historical figures and many TV shows, we think you do something different and buy for them the figurines. We know people have a craze for many shows and special character movies and so gifting them something that they are obsessed with is clearly a great gift idea. You can have a look at the figurines – the solar powered figurines that move and keep the rooms animated or the personalized bobble heads just have a look, match with their choice of shows, films and comic books here and order away now. It is a more thoughtful approach to take something that is closer to the hearts and they clearly will end up cherishing such a gift more!

If the host and the hostess happen to be more domestic and great cooks, it means they must have love for kitchen accessories. There are plenty of people who like buying new products and accessories for their kitchens. Be it a serving platter or a storage bottle for them their kitchen deserves equal accessories as their wardrobe! So order something that stays with them for long and each time they host and entertain guests, serve a cheese platter or make fresh coffee do anything that involves your present they will think of you and your meaningful and well thought gift, eventually keeping you and them closer and keeping the friendship and bond of love intact. You can check out our suggestion here and order online in time to take it for this weekend’s party!

If you are still confused then something to relax and unwind is the right way to zero on a gift. You can choose a gift that keeps the ambience lighter, happier and warm for all. People make sure that their homes are clean, tidy and smell great especially when guests are coming. So how about as a thank you gesture for the host you take something that they can use later as well to set the mood and vibe of the house. Did someone say candles? Yes we suggest home fragrances, natural soy wax candles and diffusers that are great presents for house warming as well. You extend your wishes of love and prosperity to the people of the house and if not a new house situation even then these pleasant fragrance infusing gifts in different forms are relaxing gifts and men or women both appreciate it. The best part, we have natural non toxic candles that are safest and best for environment and houses with children and elderly! Check out our great eco friendly candles and gift sets here!

Tasty bites

You can also take something to eat and enjoy at the party. The hosts normally do have a lot to cook, so how about you ring up earlier and offer to bring something for them. If you have no time to cook, pick great cakes and take it as a perfect thing to end the night with something sweet. You don’t have to find cake shop near you, just click here now and find the best cakes of the city in a second, our variety of fruit cake, chocolate, sponge or fruit cake is second to none. We completely recommend our fresh, soft and lip smacking cakes for your special friends who will love your thoughtfulness and our cake goodness. What’s more our gluten free, sugar free and organic cake collection is also up for those who are diet conscious and opt for all organic and dairy free cakes.

Flowers – power to say it all

In case you are going to someone’s house for the first time in that scenario the best thing to take with your well wishes will be a good bouquet. Due to the fact that you don’t know what their personal taste is, how do they keep their house and what food they prefer for all such instances taking gorgeous fresh and blooming flowers will be the best gesture. You can order fresh flowers online a day prior and choose from lilies, roses, tulips or even great house plants. This way when you receive the bunch on time, you can march out to the party with perfectly fragrant and bursting buds in your arms. No need to leave work early or your weekend chores midway to find a shop near you, just have a look here and order online with us, we deliver on time and you get the dazzling fresh blooms at your doorstep.

Remember, our parents taught us to never go anywhere uninvited and empty handed. So if you land yourself with an invitation to a party big or small, do also take something there to show your gratitude for being invited and honored. It is never about a gift being small or big, it is a gesture to honor their invitation.  Our ideas are plentiful, so pick the one that you think will be a hit or suitable one for the host and enjoy your time out with them.