Great guy gifts

When it comes to picking gifts for girls, we all have a variety of options to check and pick. But when it comes to men, the section under gifts for him is small, quite monotonous and repetitive because over the years we are accustomed to giving same things to them. Not because they are boring, but just that finding gifts for men is overall a little daunting if you don’t know their tastes well, you know it will rest in their cupboards or drawers till the end of times and they won’t use it.

All said and done, there is some change in society in general now with more technology and diversity in schools and workplaces men have become more conscious. Men these days are more aware, more expressive and a total new breed of stylish and groomed men who have a refined taste in fashion, food and entertainment.

This summer if you are buying gifts for him then we have something to help you out as well. Try picking personalized gifts for your father, brother, teacher or husband and surprise them by giving them a unique and unpredictable present and not something that you have done every year!


Toys for the boys!

Suave, mature and very serious men as well as frivolous and happy go lucky kind of guys, whatever type of men they are they never grow up from their love for toys. Overtime most of them outgrow their love for their childhood toys but not for toys meant for big boys!

They love to find collectibles for whatever they are passionate about, be it watches music cd’s or action figurines. We know so many big boys who are corporate tigers in boardrooms and offices but when they head back home they have their hobbies and their collections of things that they like to look at.

Trust us when we recommend this as a gift for your boy – If you know they are into action figurines of famous characters, big movie buffs or special character lovers! All you have to do is pick the finest.

figurine from our collection that is of their liking and let them know that they are in our mind and you love what they are obsessed with!

Find a variety of action figurines here and pick the one that will make the best and irresistible gift for your man! We know you will be their coolest favorite person because you are gifting the most unconventional yet the most solid favorite item that men love and always keep as a prized possession.



Way to the heart

As they say - The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

And at Alabalii we pave that way for you to the heart, now there is no need to spend hours near the oven to make something delish that maybe termed fattening later, rather you pick healthier lifestyle for the men that you care about. Organic and vegan desserts are not only tastier but also contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a stronger heart. This is a special way to say thank you or love you to dads, friends, brothers or others who are important to you.

 Have a look at ( Cake my day ) this yummy and mouth watering cake will not only make a perfect gift to enrich your love but also satiate their taste buds wanting for more! Remember life is a gift and a little more sweet will make it more pleasant!



Handle with a mandle

Long gone are the days when candles were associated with girls and women, this decade has brought about men who are more aware, lifestyle conscious and connoisseurs of artsy things as well.

Sophisticated room fragrances with the right hint of earthy and manly scents are being sold out to men who are open to changes in lifestyle which is more comforting. Be it a colleague who needs his office table to have a more humane touch or your brother who likes his room smelling the right kind of nice not floral or something very strong you can easily give a great candle- we mean mandle to them.

Have a look here to check simplistic candles made from quality ingredients for longer burn time in a beautiful ceramic bowl.


Flowers are great for him

Thoughtful and loving gifts for men will never be questioned. Just like others men are also fond of surprises and expression of love! Nothing is more lovable then coming to work not knowing that amidst all the madness of office hours a perfect bunch of flowers will show up and not only lighten up the mood of the room but also uplift the spirit of the recipient. Flowers make a great present and you cannot go wrong with them.

Check out the variety of elegant and understated flowers here and send some love right away!

They say gifting is a pleasure and what more pleasure will you drive from it then at a point when you find gifts for the special men in your life and let them know that you care about what they like and want. So go ahead and find the great guys in your lives those perfect, thoughtful gifts which help them realize that you have them on your minds and always wishing for their good lives.