Gift ideas for office guys!

The best way to start friendships and cordial relationships or in essence maintaining such bonds is easier when we exchange gifts with one another. In life it is easier to maintain a good relationship with blood relatives, extended family members and friends that we make from many years of secret keeping and memory making in life. But, as we grow up and step in the professional lives our abilities to make friends are same but we grow a guard or shield around us. We find all sorts of people and thus trusting them or becoming closer with them is actually advised against. This is maybe due to shaping up of our past experiences and leading us to a solution of not mingling like we did with friends at school or college. However, positivity is the best vibe that you can pass on to others and therefore, if you are thinking of leaving job, switching departments or just feeling stagnated at work in terms of equations with colleagues we suggest you to extend a little gesture of love to them.

Every now and then organizations have events in UAE and cities like Dubai, Sharjah and other cities. Team building, team’s day out or celebrating women’s day or such important observatory days in such events you can also get gifts for your teams or maybe all employees and let them know that appreciation comes for them from their bosses. A happy employee makes a happy team and thus a productive organization. So invest in your workers and invest in your coworkers so the environment at work is nice and more welcoming for all.

Colleagues showing care

The best way to keep your work friendship going and team environment super cordial is to get random gifts for colleagues. Each team can do this by pitching in every month in limited budget and this way every month someone gets a good gift from their team. This is a perfect way to show employee appreciation with a gift or even building a better working environment for each other. UAE is a destination of almost 200 nationalities from diverse backgrounds so for such a rich mix if employees who work here such a course of action, then it can bring immensely positive results and make a great impact. If not this then even solely on your own, do share a gift with someone who helps you, listens to you and makes a great tea and coffee partner at work. It could be a solo effort to acknowledge your work friend or a team or management effort to award the hardworking employee of the organization. Have a look at variety of gifts and flowers such as roses, tulips and sunflowers all here that can make great gifts as an individual or management gift, or some games toys or useful tools that they’d always be thankful for, you find them here. Now with a single click get an online delivery at work or as a surprise at their homes!


Festivity for all

As UAE is a quintessential multicultural country with manpower of different religions working hard and making efforts for a better future. So it becomes a great time for everyone to celebrate others festivals and promote tolerance, acceptance and love for others. UAE already strongly supports values of tolerance so the best and effective way to trickle down the learning of tolerance and understanding is by promoting same at work. Give special gifts to employees on their festival. Christmas gifts, Diwali flowers and gifts or Eid and Ramadan Gifts, maybe Secret Santa party gifts you name it, you can find many ways to motivate and keep your employees happy. As many of them are living alone or without parents, therefore awarding your employees with customized boxes, chocolates or something that will be loved by all is a great idea. So get going and award your teams, employees and associates on their important occasions and they will be extra motivated, loyal and more engaged with their work than before! Have a look at our gifts here such as customized chocolate boxes and flowers that are perfect for such festivities and can be also presented as New Year gifts for extra motivation to the team.

Special Days

The past decade has seen a constant presence of a few events and days that many organizations consciously follow and try to make it a part of their values for good. Days such as Anti bullying day, women’s day, breast cancer awareness day, all these and many more that make the whole employee thread of the organization more woke, informed and empathetic towards others. Having a good session followed by special gifts on women’s day or gift baskets to create awareness about Breast Cancer is a good idea for any office or organization. The employees learn more, value more and look after themselves and others for a better future. The fact that selecting a uniform gift for all organization members and employees is difficult, we suggest you have a look at our special products here for all such days which we can book and deliver with your presence online and a smooth delivery is also ensured. So if this year you are planning to hold such an event awareness or session we can assist you as well in making it a successful event with perfect gifts for all employees. Our flowers, gifts for her and him and special gift boxes all are great to be selected for a certain event.

Work anniversaries, birthdays and farewell gifts

Research shows that nearly one third of life is spent at work. So if someone spends this kind of time at work, then they deserve extra love and care on their important days. Birthdays, work anniversaries of all employees must be celebrated with love and zeal. Ordering in a tasty cake, decorating the office and having fun is of course a part of the deal but the best is a well thought gift. Plan the gift individually or as a team, pitch in the money and get a present which is useful and loved by the recipient. Many people cherish their gifts from office colleagues and management for a long time to come so order their birthday and work anniversary gifts online from us. Something personalized or indulging, anything that you think will be liked by the recipient we have it right here, have a look and place the order online for easy delivery.

Also, when someone is leaving the organization they deserve a good farewell. Make sure to throw a good farewell lunch or dinner with a great memorable gift such as a leather product or silver jewelry item for them check them out here which they will cherish for long. Show that as a boss, team or assistant to the person who is leaving you love and respect them and thus getting a gift that will love and keep safe for long.

Team Building and Day out events

For such a situation you need to order in bulk something that goes with the theme or as a general giveaway for all employees. Customized tees, chocolates, similar plant pots or key chains can be given out as great give away gifts to all employees. Have a look at our variety here and make your events successful.

As a general rule in gifting for coworkers and employees get something which is long lasting so it reminds them of you. Something which shows that you also respect the boundaries in terms of age and gender and do not gift anything that could be a cause of discomfort for anyone. Flowers, plants, desk accessories and funny stationery or usage items all make sense and will help in maintain a healthy and cordial relationship in the coworkers as well as complete organization.