Get your act together!

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, 'Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

―Martin Luther King Jr.


In the next thirty days the world will step into a new decade! Nothing will change - the same buildings, same software and programs will be up but, why do we have this child like feeling at the end of each year that something will change. We end up making lists, resolutions and buy new memberships but alas, nothing changes in the end!

The reality behind this; no change of narrative is that we as people as thought generators do not change. Our whole and sole reliance is upon the new calendar to bring about a change but since our own dogma is old and repetitive we never end up producing that change.

This December we are taking up a small thought that we want all of us to incorporate in our lives. It is collectively getting our acts together. We feel that instead of focusing on small things we focus on really big things and this is the biggest error we make. Our focus should be on one small step at a time. An unkempt look, a messy store room, an increasing paunch that we want to finish all these goals seem to be never accomplished and there we stand thinking of owning mansion in the coming next year. Not fair with an expectation list because you do not have your plans sorted!

Speaking of incomplete plans for one self, we got a few plans that most of us have been postponing for a while and why not take this month as a challenge and fix small but meaningful things in life. Things that we read about and say yes we need to do this but never make that time for it so take up this challenge of fixing things before the New Year begins, so you meet your new you before the New Year.

This decade should end with you putting up yourself on top so be it a Christmas gift, a New Year gift or the end of a decade gift for all and more first choose yourself. Start with putting up your health on top; choose organic food versus processed make a small switch to make your health a treasure that you want to keep forever. Our organic and gluten free variety is one such amazing addition that you can order with just one click here and make this small and significant change in your life. You are what you eat so better eat what makes you wholesome and better.

Add this care factor to your appearances, make sure you take care of your appearance and step everyday out with the confidence and happiness of a small child, someone who truly believes that they have everything in control and believe us, faking it till you make it works! So, everyday step up and step out happily show the world that you care about yourself. Take some time out to give gratitude to this universe and work on your own self. This is what will make you get your act together and help you in focusing on those who are also around you! The day you are in control of your tasks, you start to think about your loved ones! Your people who need more of you so think of yourself first because only then you can think for others. Click here to find out more about products that you need to feel pampered and loved. Get your spa feeling at home, new accessories to spruce up your look and make yourself feel extra special because that is what will keep you high and happy for the longest.

Speaking of feeling good, how about make this season a perfect excuse to be closer to your loved ones. Your ex colleagues from last work place, your walk partner whom you do not spot these days or  a neighbor who has just come back after a stressful trip – how about you make them feel good because they are the ones whom you connect with. The business associates or vendors or all those people who make your life easier, convenient and at times a perfect shoulder to lean and get some advice- they deserve some true care from us. A sweet smelling bunch of flowers and pure milk goodness in chocolates will help in communicating your gratitude for their actions. We believe that genuine people are a real gift in life and to express our liking for them is not bound by any special day, one can go ahead and make any day special by showing their love to them. Click here to have a look at our variety that will definitely be perfect to be sent out as a gift to communicate your love and warm wishes for them.

Saving the best till the last, we believe that when things are falling out of place, the best way is to step out and away, change the perspective and then come back fresh and bright to take things back in control. This though not easy but if managed keeps one recharged for all challenges and this for many is a great act of travelling – a way to find new perspectives and not a way to escape temporarily.

Many people confuse travel as running away, but no in that case it will be your biggest enemy! We advocate travel for you in the end because we want to ensure you are first happy with yourself and your loved ones only then you should think about the wings to fly.

So once you are clear and sorted in your head about your priorities and task in life, take our word and do travel,  be it a not so popular right out of the travel magazines locations but travel because it makes you realize how insignificant and indistinctive you and your troubles are. It makes you humble about your entity and helps you in learning the real worth of life. You begin to realize that life is a gift when you are with your loved ones and when in a different setting you may enjoy a lot learn loads but your heart will belong to the place you call home!

Click here to view our amazing variety of items that will help anyone in their travel planning alone or with friends and family!

So go ahead! Make the best of this month plan and act on small things and relationships that matter the most and organically the bigger tasks will fall into place. Take baby steps of organizing your day, thoughts and reactions and then see how the universe conspires back to give you your act sorted and wrapped beautifully to celebrate and cherish forever. Remember you are the master of your destiny and once you decide to fix things every day will be like a brand new year that you can make happier and beautiful for yourself and those who are around you!