Fabulous flowers color guide

Flowers for ages have been used to express feelings without using words. Be it a lover, betrothed one, mentor, parent or a child for all relationships and friendships flowers are exchanged to show care, love and passion. People have made their special occasions memorable by sending bouquets to their loved ones across cities and countries to let them know that someone is out there thinking for their well being!

In case, you are fond of flowers and do send them to your friends and special ones, why not know more about the color significance for all of them, maybe you are playing very safe and not have much information about blooms of different colors!

Passionate, attention seeking and full of life, red flowers be it tulips, roses or carnations all of them in this lively color signify passionate and intense love. Red flowers are also a reflection of the sender generally a powerful and strong person who does not shy away from expressing his emotions and sentiments from anyone. A strong person chooses red for his courage and generally it is an easy way to show passion for the person who receives the blooms. You may click here to check out vast variety of flowers in hues of red with combination of other gorgeous flowers in the bouquet.



Not gender specific, you can send orange flowers to suggest adventure and happiness. It is a perfect color for a situation such as travel plan or a big meeting with client because indeed one needs positive vibes and love to begin a new adventure. Orange blooms can be sent to a best friend, special someone, child or parent to invoke passion and happiness in life. So when you know someone needs a kick in their life to move ahead and out of the comfort zone then order these online from here and let them know that you believe in their next step towards the unknown.

Orange flowers are great to be placed in offices and meeting rooms to increase the positive energy and vibe of the room as well as to beautify the room.



Yellow flowers are bright and stir up some happiness at a glance. People love to get gifts or presents that make them happy, so why not flowers that not only spread the sweet fragrance in the room for days but also are eye appealing so that the people feel happier when looking at it. Yellow flowers denote respect, compassion and platonic love. So go ahead and send it to someone whom you love dearly and want to put the message out or to someone who at work has been a source of great inspiration for you! You can also send yellow blooms to wish someone a speedy recovery from an illness. Yellow tulips, roses or the ever famous sunflowers all you find here for an online delivery in Dubai for someone who needs to know how much adulation and love you have for them.



Pink flowers generally symbolize innocence and playfulness. The color is not as passionate as red, but closely associated with expression of love. Many people previously associated pink with femininity and thus it was a gentler shade normally sent to women from men. But with changing times pink has been established as a flirty, innocent and playful color for things to get serious later. Pink flowers be it lilies, hydrangeas, tulips or roses all make excellent choice for birthdays and anniversaries as well because the soft blush hued flowers are a treat for all. If you are planning to send it someone in UAE we suggest you to check an unending variety of many shades of pink flowers here.



Purple has long been said to be a royal color. Its dark hue makes the flowers look mysterious, royal and definitely a reflection of refined taste. Choose purple to subtly impress the recipient with your good and splendid taste and let them enjoy your lavish pampering showed for them. Purple blooms do demand attention as the color is powerful, sensual yet not commonly associated with love. Therefore flowers of this color can always be sent for special occasions with no worry of confusion and also depict the lavishness from the sender as they clearly are worth a second glance and more. Find out our variety of pretty purple flowers here for easy delivery in UAE.     



Blue flowers are again not gender specific; rather one look at them floods one with a soothing and calming feeling. So you can easily send it to men, women or older people because this shade is meant to calm people down, let them feel relaxed happy and enjoy what they have. Blue for long has been a soothing color of skies and sea, so those who need to add the vibe of calm in peace in their homes, offices or send it to a loved one can find amazing blue hydrangeas and blue flowers in bouquets here



White has been since ages associated with innocence and purity. People send white flowers to show sympathy. Also, plenty of wedding bouquets and table settings are planned with white flowers in dominance. You send white flowers to someone with whom you want to initiate a peaceful journey and signify humility by saying sorry or to the bereaved people who are trying to deal with their loss. View our flowers here to find your favorite bunch in white and make their days better.

We believe all colors are beautiful and make a person feel better and lighter with a certain shade or hue. Flowers make this job easier because they are beautiful, fragrant and full of life to express your truest sentiments of care, love or appreciation for dealing things so well.

So next time when you plan to send flowers to anyone do keep our points in mind and choose flowers that will make them happier and lovelier with your concern and admiration for them.