Be aware to show you care!


Across the globe October is celebrated as the breast cancer awareness month. This global movement is initiated to increase understanding and knowledge about this deadly disease that affects everyone when their loved one is suffering from it.

In UAE the most common cancer affecting women and magnifying in number has been breast cancer. Cancer treatment or breast surgery is essential when cancer has been diagnosed in the body, but there is a lot to do before such a situation arises, there is an awareness gap that has to be filled to avoid and curtail the rise of such cases. We believe that life is a gift and like any other precious thing that we take care, keep in close security and guard it, this is also our responsibility to remind you to take care of yourself or your loved ones in order to be aware and know your body!

We believe that all people who come and access our platform to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones need to know that early detection is the key to beating cancer or surviving it like a warrior. Therefore, we have thoughtful presents that you can send to your loved ones, office colleagues or employees as a complete team effort so mass awareness is generated for this lethal disease.

So this October pledge to raise awareness and make the power of pink visible so that more and more people can take care of themselves. Our power pink products are perfect to share for awareness of this disease. We’d love to have individuals and companies following this for all their employees so more impact is created with relevant information about monthly  checkup personally to spot any change or difference in one’s body and a yearly mammogram after forty is requested. They say a little care takes you a long way and maybe if you show such care someone might be saved!


Flower power

Your care is expressed best with the blooming flowers that will urge the recipient to check on themselves regularly. Flowers are the gorgeous reminders of love and life, their blooming petals and stems are symbolic of life and they are a perfect way to cheer up a cancer survivor, their care giver or most importantly someone who is so far safe from it but does not know much! Let them know about the need of the hour and how important it is for them to take their care in their own hands. Click here to check out our huge variety of power pink flowers.


Sweetest love

Let your loved ones, enjoy the delicious desserts and chocolates that offer the best taste of indulgence and pleasure so they know how much you care for their joy and happiness. Let them savor the tastes and realize that all this and much more delightful presents of life where your senses are stimulated are precious enough to start paying attention to themselves from now. Send a lovely note to them urging them to be careful about their well being and pay attention to their body for chances of any early signs of a problem. Have a look here at our amazing confectionery collection and pick something for them.


Rise and shine

Women love jewelry, statement pieces or small trinkets all of it, is a memorabilia for them and they love to wear them time and again for the recall of special moments. The best way to remind them is give them something they’d be wearing on and off and so the purpose of a recall will be perfectly achieved. The recipients of such items will remember why they received the gifts and how important you find them in your life to want them to take care of themselves. Check out our jewelry items that are the perfect pieces to make this October pinker and let our precious people know how important they are!


We believe that care and love must be shown to the ones who are on our mind so that they as a consequence love themselves even more! If you show your concern for them they will most likely take that love in a direction that benefits both you and them for a better and healthier life. Let’s make a difference in the lives of people whom we love and care for. Be it the ones in our family, friends, those who work for us or with us- all the women need to be aware of this disease and ways for early detection so they live longer and healthier.