A taste of love!

The first time ever we were introduced to it, we just don’t remember, but like a cure to any trouble chocolate has been the undisputed remedy to all our problems!

We have craved for it, played games for it and pleaded to our parents or to our conscience to have one more bite  but ended up savoring it all in pure delight of its velvety texture and taste that our heart enjoys.

The fact that any big exam, movie night an apology note or an anniversary gift nothing is complete without this creation of some angel who one day woke up and decided that he will keep all mankind happy with his concoction.  Chocolate is something that makes us happy and cheerful without any intervention from anyone!

They say chocolate is  a love drug but that is not it, latest research has proven that it has plenty of benefits other than releasing happy hormones in our body that we associate with the feeling of being in love!

The source of chocolates, cacao seeds are full of magnesium to strengthen the body, anti oxidants and polyphenols to protect body and heart which means in easy terms it is a super food that elevates your spirit, makes your heart healthy and the anti oxidants keep cells healthy in the body! What else would one want?

Now when we all choose smartly about what goes inside our body we do question ourselves about our food choices every day too, to make quality of life better for all. Thus if you are a dark chocolate person then you are absolutely in luck as it has all the benefits that stimulate your brain, heart as well as replenish your cells. Also, if sweet milk chocolates happen to be your favorite you can simply make a decision of your chocolate intake and yet enjoy its health benefits and sweetness with a good check upon your intake. In both situations you the chocoholic will be a winner!



Chilling at home

With the change in weather and a bit of rainfall coming to us, we all have been thinking of doing what the quintessential winter season calls for – getting comfortable in warm clothes snuggling up to watch TV and eat our favorite chocolates! The fact that there is a huge variety to select from, we recommend that you shop online chocolates from us that will be delivered to you fresh and yummy so that with just one click here you get your most favorite Belgian variety at your doorstep. So beautiful trays to make your living room look pretty or boxes that you can carry to bedroom or study room to get the right kick, whatever your choice is just make sure you order the best quality of chocolates that heighten your senses and give health benefits to you.


Wonderful at work

Exhaustive, tiring and monotonous days at work need to be punctuated with better surprises. Not every day a boss will take you out for lunch or a colleague throws his birthday bash so what do you do?

Simply order a great box of chocolates here that will be a constant booster of flavorful dose of cocoa goodness and make any tiring day seem better. If you are always on the hunt for what to eat while drafting a long presentation or maybe the board meeting is elaborate with no sign of lunch then maybe you need some permanent feature of chocolates for yourself and friends at work. We have abundant variety of truffles, macaroons and good old chocolates that will all make all blue days better and office madness will become better with a booster of sweet Belgian goodness that we promise to give you.

If you gym from work or reach work after that in that case these chocolates will actually kick start the day with the right energy to make you heighten your productivity level.


Glorious National Day for all

With the big weekend of National Day coming up and many parties to attend as well might also host a few, how about you do think of everything ahead? We have an assortment of great customized chocolates right from wrapping with corporate logos to wrapped with names, alphabets shaped with cute chocolates we got all to make parties a hit!

Not to forget sophisticated trays and platters that are the attention winner in any bash and make people stuff their mouth with our freshly made Belgian chocolates that are the right choice to make people merry and jovial  to enjoy the cold chilly winds of UAE.

So hurry up and order here for your parties, office center tables, friends, family, good will gesture on National day or our special customized corporate gifts with your company logo for all. Our best chocolates will make this month and the day more special with the rich and divine taste of our offerings.


If you are in love with milk chocolates taste yet switching over to vegan and gluten free options we also have great cakes, brownies and cookies that are produced with pure organic vegan products and they taste as good as your trusted chocolates. So have a look here and satiate your cravings easily.

In the end it all boils down to memories that we make in our life, and if there is something that triggers our nostalgia the most, it is the feeling that we had then in that moment! So, make moments special for yourself, choose your happiness and other happiness with chocolates that sweeten the bitterness of daily hasty life. Stop and take a bite of happiness everyday and make yourself smile because in the end chocolate is actually true love that demands nothing back from you!