Prevention is the key to victory!

Prevention is the key to victory!
The current times have shown us a whole new way of cleaning and maintaining hygiene levels everywhere. The occasional high five or hugs have been removed to a simple concept of social distancing. The spread of Coronavirus has also spread fear of touch, right from hand sanitizers to disinfectants aisles of stores have been emptied in a frenzy of fear, to deep clean or disinfect houses.
But such chaos is not the solution to this global pandemic. Simple ways of cleaning can equally eliminate the virus and keep you safe. If you are practicing social distance then, you already have minimized the chances of contracting it.
So follow the few important pointers and you will be safe
Clean high touch surfaces such as door knobs, railings, switches, remotes or faucets and toilets daily. How to ensure this without much trouble is what we will share with you with simple hacks to achieve the same cleanliness.
At home
  • Clear metal, marble and glass surfaces with a detergent or soap mixed water as these surfaces can support infectious virus for 3 days or above easily. Then use a disinfectant to ensure all bacteria and virus is removed.
  • As the supplies are running low you can make an easy disinfectant at home , by combining bleach with water to disinfect surfaces from all pathogens, keep the ratio of 1 cup (240 ml) bleach with a gallon (18.9 litres) of water.
  • This mix is healthy to be used for all disinfecting purposes of handles knobs and railings. No need to rush and buy something for this daily cleaning purpose, the bleach ingredients are most effective and found in all top notch disinfectants to clean all surfaces.
  • Wear gloves while disinfecting and if not possible, wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after done with cleaning.
  • Laundry must be washed at the warmest water settings, while the laundry hamper be better lined with disposable plastic sheet to avoid settlement of virus in the hamper.
  • Wash all vegetables and fruits in a mix of soapy water and rinse with vinegar so the virus may not cling to the fruit skin.
  • Wash hands every hour to minimize catching any other germ or virus.
Outside home
  • Keep your face covered to avoid any aerosol transmission of virus.
  • Wear gloves while using cash or card and keep the wallets separate in a ziploc bag which must be discarded after single use.
  • Hand sanitizers are a rarity now, with people hoarding it. Also, with no more rubbing alcohol available in markets to make one at home, we got best advice. Just keep your least favorite perfume or deodorant with you and use it as a hand sanitizer as they all have alcohol above 70% to kill all germs! There is no need to panic just act smart and you are with the better smelling sanitizer.
Once you get back home, toss your clothes in the laundry, put shoes sole up in the sun to weaken any contracted virus and rush to the shower to scrub off any germs left.
Remember, prevention is better than cure, the simple home hacks of substituting hand sanitizers with perfumes and creating your own disinfectants will keep you at peace and not running back to store for buying new supplies. That is what we want less people stepping out and lowering chances of transmission of Covid-19.
Do not hoard as others need the same supplies, rather show care and share the knowledge with your friends and loved ones. You can use easy ways to keep yourself and your spaces clean.
Remember we are all in it together and staying home will help us to keep the curve flatter and minimized.
Stay home and keep your loved ones safe with your knowledge and calmness in these times.